The Essence of Coaching
Coaching and promoting the great sport of figure skating is truly Evelyn's first love! Training in the Olympic venue where her skating career started and home to many of figure skating's historic performances, Evelyn enjoys sharing the struggles and successes of her students hard work each and every day.

Currently, Evelyn is part of the elite summer staff at the Olympic Center Rink, home of the 1980 Olympics, in Lake Placid, NY. If you are interested in scheduling lessons or seminars with Evelyn while you are visiting the area please click her appropriate link below.

Making a Difference Every Day

Evelyn has worked with and coached every type of student from the smallest of beginners to the Olympic competitor. The true measure of her success comes from sharing her students joy on and off the ice.

Has anyone ever asked you if you are happy and fulfilled in your work? These recent letters are just a few recent affirmations that confirms Evelyn's hours on the ice make a difference.
Special Thanks...


Dear Evelyn,
Now that we are back home, I wanted to thank you again for teaching my daughter, Abby. She thoroughly enjoyed her lessons with you, and it was a treat for my husband, our home coach, Linda, and I to watch! We hope that we can do it again next summer...or maybe even in California if that new rink is built! You are a fantastic coach, and your love for your students and the sport of figure skating just eminate from you!

Thanks again, Colleen

Hi Evelyn,
I was recently surfing some skating web sites and came across yours. I don't expect you to remember me but I certainly remember you. You taught me, I hate to think about the time span, about 30 years ago (I think I was 13) at the E.J. Murray Memorial Skating Rink in Yonkers, NY on Friday nights in the Senior Advanced class. I've always remembered you for two special reasons: first, you taught me my sit spin ("stick your butt out like you're gong to sit on the toilet" - I'll never forget that quote) ; second and most important to me, you were the only coach to pass through Murray's in the years that I skated there that cared enough about us, "seasonal/recreational" skaters, to organize a USFSA test session for at our home rink. I skated at Murray's through my last year of high school and then taught group lessons there during my college years. Once I graduated and entered the work force I stopped skating for 17 years. 5 years ago I started teaching again part time at the Ice House in Hackensack, NJ - they were desperate for someone who was willing to teach tots and I was available. I've so enjoyed teaching groups again and also coach a few low level skaters. For my own mid-life crisis I started testing Moves in the Field after turning 40! I'm now half way through the MIF tests and am determined to keep going. Skating somehow keeps me sane.

Should our paths cross in the future (more likely now that you're moving to Lake Placid) I will make a point to say hello in person. Thanks for some great memories from those cold winter nights at Murray's. Best of luck at Placid.

Kind regards, Lisa

Dear Evelyn,

Our daughter, Stephanie, loved working with you last summer in Lake Placid and can't wait to continue this summer.. Thank you so much for helping her to further her enjoyment of figure skating. You inspire her so much!

Yours Truly, The Gerbers
Michelle Kwan, Evelyn and Dick Button at Michelle's Wedding 2016 Bavarian Open Ladies Champion, Tyler Pierce

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